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Susan Beiner | Sugar Fields

May 31, 2019 - July 13, 2019

“I have a new outlook,” says ceramicist Susan Beiner.  “By utilizing repetition and multiplication, I create dense patterning–but with spaces to take a breath.” This May, Beiner returns to form & concept for a solo exhibition featuring a large-scale, modular installation. The wall sculptures will feature Beiner’s characteristic floral forms, a porcelain garden of tactile blooms with allusions to architectural structures. Though it reads as one unit, each piece will be a unique work, showcasing Beiner’s vocabulary of encrusted forms. “The installation will be encrusted and glazed in different ways,” Beiner explains. “There’s a pattern, but the surface will bring variation to a large scale.”

Opening Reception: Friday, May 31 , 5-7 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, June 1, 2-3 pm

Artwork in the Exhibition

Susan Beiner
Contained Chrysanthemum
35in x 35in x 15in

Susan Beiner
Everlasting Revolution
36in x 36in x 12in

Susan Beiner
An Allium Sensation
28in x 30in x 13in

Susan Beiner
22in x 23in x 10in

Susan Beiner
Arrow Flower Vase
15in x 13in x 11in

Susan Beiner
Sugar Tree (green/blue)
20in x 15in x 14in

Susan Beiner
Hot Sugar Tree
18in x 14in x 12in

Susan Beiner
Sugar Tree (red base)
13in x 8in x 8in

Susan Beiner
Sugar Tree (orange base)
12in x 9in x 7in