November 30, 2018 - December 31, 2018

form & concept presents the second annual MICROCOSM group exhibition. The gallery invited all-star artists and designers from its 2018 shows to make works measuring 8 x 10 inches or smaller. It’s form & concept’s final statement of the year, reflecting the variety of mediums and messages that graced the walls. MICROCOSM will feature far-flung creators who work in clay, glass, fiber, precious metals, and camera film—among many other materials. MICROCOSM debuts Friday, November 30 from 5 to 7 pm, in conjunction with the macrocosm large-scale wearables exhibition. The exhibition runs through December 31, 2018.

Artwork in the Exhibition

Heidi Brandow
Another Light
5in x 5in x 3in

Emily Margarit Mason
jet stream cross, sand blasted
5in x 7in

Emily Margarit Mason
rainbow rock, plastic wrapped
5in x 7in

Katie Dorame
Listen to the Sea
8in x 10in

Alicia Piller
Future Landscape
3.25in x 2.25in x 0.25in

Drew McGee
Come Get... I
8.5in x 5in

Erin Mickelson
Vanitas: Fifth Avenue Holiday Windows, Recession 2008
4.5in x 6.25in x 1in

Charlotte Thurman
Not Impossible Thing
8in x 8in

Kyle Farrell
Just In Case
2.5in x 4in

Julie Slattery
9in x 5in x 8in

Matthew Mullins
Polar Star
0in x 0in

Charles Greeley
Face I
8in x 10in

Charles Greeley
Face II
8in x 10in

Aleta Braun
7.5in x 5.5in

Nina Elder
California Gold Ore
10in x 10in

Nina Elder
California Silver Ore
10in x 10in

Francesca Yorke
Worm Wood
6in x 8in

Case Jernigan
Zombie Apocalypse
12in x 9in

Wesley Anderegg
Turtle Man
3.5in x 2.5in x 3.5in

Jodi Colella
Mary Janes
4in x 2.75in x 2.75in

Nate Massé
16in x 13in

Shannon Latham
home again
3in x 9.5in

Kevin Bond
Guadalupe Peak
4.75in x 7.5in

Kevin Bond
Upper Yellowstone Falls
4.75in x 7.5in

Chaz John
Rez Dog Mother with Prickly Poppy
9in x 7in

Bunny Tobias
Garter Girl I
8in x 8in

Bunny Tobias
Garter Girl II
10in x 10in

Ona Yopack
Connectivity Study 1
6in x 4.25in

Ona Yopack
Connectivity Study 4
8.25in x 8.25in

Nicola Heindl
Turkish Delight
8in x 8in

Nicola Heindl
Plant Life
5in x 5in

Drew Lenihan
yea, I'll shoot you an email about it next week
10in x 8in

Jaydan Moore
10in x 8in x 1in

Alex Gill
8in x 10in