Tilke Elkins: Records of Being Held

“Pigments are living collaborators. I paint on wild surfaces, with mineral and botanical pigments originating in the sites where I work,” writes Tilke Elkins. While the Oregon-based artist’s solo exhibition exists in a gallery space, it’s a visual and tactile conduit to the places where she hand-gathers materials and creates artwork—spots we might identify as “nature” to partition them from humanity. Here, she faces ethical and creative conundrums as a descendant of settler colonists. 


"For me personally, this embodied, material dialog, beyond mere observation or recreation in wild places, feels essential,” writes Elkins. “That doesn’t mean what I’m doing is ‘right,’ of course. This research is on-going, and invites regular input.” This show is presented in conjunction with Elkins’ curatorial effort Wild Pigment Project.



Friday, September 30, 5-7pm: Reception with the artist