Traveling through life with a strong connection to her Transylvanian heritage is a definitive mark for artist Laila Farcas-Ionescu. She accepts this as matter-of-fact, aware that her  journey is to walk the double-edged sword of physical and metaphysical experience.


In her artistic production, Farcas-Ionescu was always interested in weaving  untold stories by unfettering the characters who populate her personal universe, drawing from notable events of her labyrinthine life. Her work is  a cumulative result of indelible events: childhood and early life spent in truly surreal Transylvania; schooling under the communist regime, surreal all the same; reluctant immigration; exotic travels; various coexisting careers; strong interest for and study of spirituality; witnessing the life/death cycles; deep admiration for a long list of artists from all periods. In the end, all these occurrences led up to the categorical resolve of allowing the beings of her inner forum to come alive.