"As a classically trained metalsmith, my work has evolved to encourage a more unpredictable collaboration with fire and a blatant involvement of the hand."

Since earning her B.F.A. with a focus in Small Metals in 1994 from Memphis College of Art, Gretchen Magwitz has honed her craft through constant exploration of techniques and materials. Cutting her teeth early on in blacksmithing, welding, and tableware design has greatly informed her jewelry and provided invaluable skills for custom tool making. Teaching herself the ancient art of granulation furthered her ability to reveal the organic qualities of the materials and reinforced her fascination with the versatile properties of metal.


During her college years Gretchen received a Traveling Artist Scholarship from M.C.A. and visited New Mexico. Ever since, the light and the landscape of the West have had a great influence on her work. She now works out of her home studio in Southwest Colorado.