Daisy Metalworks by Daisy Poler is a collection of wearable art carefully handcrafted in Austin, TX. Inspired by the juxtaposition of the natural and industrial world around us, intentionally crafted to be bold and rugged yet minimalist and simple. With her designs, Daisy aims to bring something raw and unique to the table, to create something beyond an accessory. Each piece becomes a part of the wearer and their unspoken story.



Soon after having earned a BFA in poetry, I unexpectedly fell in love with metalsmithing during a trip to Israel in 2013, where one afternoon a jeweler taught me how to make a silver pendant. I became infatuated with metalwork and eagerly found a jeweler to apprentice with upon my return to the U.S. In 2015 I went to Mexico where I learned from a master in a small village -- that was when I became truly fascinated with the magic of working with metals. I have an eager curiosity towards the world, as an avid traveler I am constantly inspired and fascinated by new places and cultures. Metalsmithing is my way of translating my curiosities into pieces of wearable art.