My name is Melissa, and I am multidisciplinary artist from Tijuana, Mexico. M.A. Estudio arose from a desire to combine my creative production with traditional artisanal techniques. I am specifically interested in establishing relationships that expand and activate creative fields and work methods based on tradition, local knowledge, and the intersection of personal and collaborative work.

For M.A, I design unique pieces that are handmade with artisans who specialize in different ancestral processes. I hope this project can be a bridge to the native communities of Mexico, helping to preserve craftsmanship and create both opportunity and income using fair and horizontal manufacturing practices. I am also interested in capacitations of new artisans in order to share and strengthen local practices and knowledge.

I currently live in Mexico City, where I also dedicate myself to cultural management focused on education, inclusion and digital culture. I am a photographer and workshop facilitator in experimental drawing and image.