In 2005, in the middle of a ceramic hand-building class at Oakland Community College, I had what can only be described as a visionary experience while in the presence of a hand-coiled, un-smoothed teapot that a classmate had created. When I saw it, my head was immediately filled with images of coils and the infinite potential in the various patterns and forms I saw.  This kind of thing is not normal to me. I knew I would be dedicating my life to coiling. A house-painter by trade, my mind and body were already in tune with processes that others might consider tedious, repetitive or mundane. I’m currently the Ceramics Technician and Adjunct Faculty at Santa Fe Community College, in Santa Fe, NM and maintain a studio with my wife, Esther Smith of Influx Ceramics, and Colin Dyck of Mudslide Stoneware.