Joanne Grimonprez is a French jeweler who lives and works in Austin, TX.  She obtained a MFA with Honors in contemporary jewelry from the HEAR Strasbourg, France, in 2007 and subsequently completed two years post-graduate diploma in Munich’s Kunstakademie, Germany. She was also a guest student in Barcelona’s Escola Massana, Spain, and completed a jewelry design internship in Milan, Italy. After completing a Master in Science of Education, from 2014 to 2018 Joanne was head of the jewelry department teaching design, concept exploration and art history for the National Diploma of Art and Design in a technical college in the south west of France. Her work explores the contrasts within different materials and their abilities to be part of a whole and unique object, as well as the constraint as a way of creating shapes and bringing matter to life. Her jewelry has been exhibited across Europe in France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands, culminating in a permanent exhibition in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris of three brooches Aux armes, et caetera in 2014.