I first discovered the freedom art could bring when my grandmother taught me to sew and knit. Textiles inspired me even as a child with their variety of patterns, textures, and movement and opened my eyes to art’s boundless possibilities. As an adult, my creative medium moved from textiles to metals, but thestitches came with me, as seen in my Interwoven Collections. I still love texture and form, but often find it in nature all around me. The surface of a leaf, the pattern of lichen on a branch, the curve where hills meet, the shadows of water over rocks…these lines and fluid shapes become part of my jewelry. Each of my pieces must reflect my personal aesthetic, including its sculptural form and wearability. I use my weaving/stitching skills with gold or silver wire threads on metal shapes, giving my work a feel of three dimensionality as well as honoring the basic design sense of each piece. “Stitching is a way for me to create texture in my jewelry. I love using the texture of the line. Silly as it may sound, I love playing with lines.”But what I love most is seeing my finished work on other people. Even though it came from my hands and my creativity, I see it in a new light. It takes on a life that wasn’t there before and adapts to their personality as if just made for the wearer. It’s exciting and truly gratifying.